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SJB Architects, Eva - Marie Prineas & BKH Interiors

Visionary design - from a handpicked team of Sydney’s finest creative minds who love, live and work in this greatest of urban villages. Their passion for the neighbourhood has produced some of their best work yet.

Adam Haddow-Principal Director at SJB Architects

Adam Haddow

SJB Architects

The Surry Hills Village masterplan has been overseen by the inspired eye of architect, urban designer and Principal Director at SJB Architects, Adam Haddow. His significant experience has seen him bestowed with a slew of awards and accolades, including winning the 2015 World Architecture Festival for mixed-used completed buildings, international awards for Casba, and Cleveland Rooftop winner of the 2018 Architzer A+ Award, for apartment of the year.
Iain Halliday-Director at BKH Interiors

Iain Halliday

BKH Interiors

Iain Halliday excels at creating breathtaking spaces of refinement and elegance. As director at celebrated architecture and interior design practice, BKH, Iain draws from his wide experience across an international portfolio of elite homes to realise these special apartments: "We’ve put a lot of thought into crafting beautiful rooms with beautiful proportions. Spaces that are surefooted, elegant and transporting, and that sit comfortably within a Village noted for its culture, visual arts, history and style."

Eva-Marie Prineas


The art of fusing old with new is a constant thread in Eva-Marie’s work, with her early experience alongside a leading heritage architect greatly informing her practice today.

“What’s interesting about Surry Hills and Redfern is its edges. It touches the city, parkland and Oxford Street, so you get real diversity in the urban grain. That’s why placemaking and authenticity are crucial in creating a truly mixed-use destination, home and neighbourhood like this.”
Luxury Retail Spaces in Surry Hills Village

Toga Group


TOGA’s dedication to enriching communities and the lives of residents is embodied in the way we shape retail and dining experiences.

As creators of celebrated Bondi Boheme, the new Surry Hills Village is set to take that concept to another level – a model to reinvent true neighbourhood retail with a special charm all of its own.

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