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TOGA’s Vision and Progress on Surry Hills Village

Surry Hills, a vibrant and eclectic suburb in Sydney, is set to undergo a significant transformation with the upcoming Surry Hills Village project. TOGA, a leading Australian property developer, is at the helm of this ambitious endeavour, and we are excited to share our thoughts on the project’s progress and its anticipated impact on the community.

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Progress Update on Surry Hills Village Apartments

The construction of Surry Hills Village is well underway, with significant progress being made on the residential apartments ready for occupancy mid 2024. These apartments are designed to offer modern, luxurious living spaces while maintaining the architectural integrity of the area. The interiors will feature high-quality finishes and fittings, ensuring comfort and style for future residents.


Embracing Surry Hills’ Unique Charm

Our vision for Surry Hills Village is deeply rooted in the unique character and culture of the suburb. Known for its artistic vibe, diverse dining scene, and historic architecture, Surry Hills is a place where creativity and community thrive. We aim to enhance these qualities by creating a mixed-use development that seamlessly blends residential, retail, and public spaces.


A Thriving Retail and Dining Scene

Possibly most excitingly, House Made Hospitality, the minds behind many of Sydney’s best new venues, will bring three new openings to Surry Hills Village. The team behind Hinchcliff House, Martinez, and Promenade will be opening a restaurant, an all-day cafe and wine bar, and a cocktail bar within a heritage-listed space. These new establishments are expected to become the heart of Surry Hills Village, offering a diverse range of culinary experiences from morning till late night.


In addition to House Made Hospitality’s offerings, Surry Hills Village will feature a Harris Farm Market, providing fresh produce and gourmet groceries to the local community. This will be a significant addition, enhancing the convenience and lifestyle of residents.


Surry Hills Village will also host the new Eve Hotel Sydney, set to open in 2024. This hotel will include a lobby bar, a rooftop bar, and a pool, all designed by George Livissianis Interior Architecture, promising a luxurious experience for guests. Another noteworthy addition is The Eve Hotel, which will further elevate the accommodation options within the development, making Surry Hills Village a premier destination for both locals and visitors.


With these exciting tenants and amenities, Surry Hills Village is poised to become a vibrant hub for retail and dining, enriching the cultural fabric of the suburb and drawing food enthusiasts and shoppers alike.


A Community-Centric Approach

Our approach to Surry Hills Village is centred around creating a sense of community. The development will feature a range of amenities designed to foster social interaction and connectivity among residents and visitors. From green spaces and communal gardens to vibrant retail areas and cultural hubs, Surry Hills Village is envisioned as a place where people can come together and enjoy a high quality of life.


Sustainable and Thoughtful Design

Sustainability is a key focus for TOGA in the Surry Hills Village project. The development will incorporate environmentally friendly practices and materials to minimise its ecological footprint. Energy-efficient buildings, water-saving technologies, and green rooftops are just a few of the sustainable features that will be integrated into the design. TOGA is committed to creating a development that not only benefits its residents but also contributes positively to the environment.


Enhancing the Local Economy

TOGA is also focused on the economic impact of Surry Hills Village. By introducing new retail spaces and dining options, the development is expected to boost the local economy and create job opportunities. Local businesses will have the chance to thrive in a bustling, well-designed environment that attracts both residents and visitors.


A Bright Future for Surry Hills

TOGA’s Surry Hills Village project is set to be a transformative addition to the suburb, enhancing its already vibrant culture and community spirit. With a commitment to sustainability, thoughtful design, and community engagement, TOGA is poised to deliver a development that will be cherished by residents and visitors alike. As the project progresses, excitement continues to build for what promises to be a landmark development in Surry Hills.


Stay tuned for more updates on the progress of Surry Hills Village and the exciting changes it will bring to this beloved Sydney suburb – https://www.surryhillsvillage.com.au/news/.


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